New yocupco

We are very excited to introduce you  to our new site! There is so much we would like to tell you but we will try to keep it short.

For returning customer please ensure you scroll all the way to read the last part.


What's New:

State of the Art Server

Our site is now running on dedicated & professionally monitored servers that offer much faster processing speed and combined with the latest SSD technolgy, the end result is a much more responsive website.

All new infrastructure 

Built on the latest web infrastrcture, this site comes with so many powerful functions and security improvements. Updates will be rolled out periodly to make your ordering experience even better.

Secured Payment Processing

All of our online payment processing is now done securely through All of your financial information is sent directly to and our merchant via secured protocol, none of this information will be saved on our site except for the last 4 digits of the card you used for your order. 

Convenient Saved Cards

You may now conveniently & securely store your credit cards for future orders thanks to CIM (Customer Information Manager) and its token technology. Your information is stored directly onto's secured server and never on our site. You can read more about's CIM technology here.

Secured & Private Communication

Your comunication to our site is now 100% secured by SSL/TLS. Think of talking to someone in a open space with random people (http, without SSL/TLS) vs in a private room. Your communication wth our site will be kept strictly between us and it is much safer than traditional http where it is possible for other to eavesdrop. You can quickly tell if you are visiting a secured page by a looking for a closed padlock in the status bar, and see that the URL starts with “https” instead of just “http.”. To double-check, you can click on the padlock icon on the status bar to see the security certificate for the site, following the “Issued to” in the pop-up window you should see the name matching the site you think you’re on.

Always Up To Date

Keeping your information secured is definitely one of our top priorities! That is why our server is setup to receive security udpates on a daily basis to always keep it up to date. By doing so, it helps eliminate loopholes for potential cycber attack like the equifax data breach back in 2017 that affected millions. 


And there are so much more! 

Honestly there are just so much new functions & improvements we couldn't get to all of them at once, we will slowly roll out new content once we get our hands around.



Order History

Due to the complete new infrastructure, we were not able to transfer over your order history, so if you can't find them don't panic yet. We did back up these information on our end so we can provide them to you whenever you need to reference them.

Login Password

Due to the new system utilizing a newer and stronger encyption method, certain accounts may experience problems at login. If you are having trouble logging in, please try to reset your password here.


If you need help:

If you come across issues or needed assistance, please feel free to contact us by chat, email or phone.


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